Taylor och Edi om New Moon

Taylor Lautner - Jacob Black: "New Moon is going to be stepped up a whole other notch. I think the fans are really gonna be happy. New Moon is exciting. It's always pushing to the next level."

Edi Gathegi - Laurent:
"I watched this gorgeous movie in front of me. And pound for pound I think you guys are gonna LLLLOOOOVVVVEEE it. I don’t think anyone is not going to love it. I think it’s just a movie where everyone will love it. You know what my prediction is? There will be a whole new onslaught of twiguys. I think that’s actually the biggest recommendation that you can get. Cause we already know that we have all the female fans. I think with this movie that people will be…this movie is just damn good." Utdrag från Twifans.com

Ja, om man ska tro Taylor och Edi så har vi verkligen något att se fram emot!


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